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The evolution from land-based casino to live casino

by Daniel Greene

The evolution from land-based casino to live casino

The dealer represents the interests of the live casino. His job is to make the game fair, correct and precise. This is necessary not only for the convenience of the users, but also for the thrills that only a visit to a live casino can provide.

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A live casino game is played at a real table with real roulette or cards depending on the game. Players only need to look through the webcams installed above the game table to place their bets.

All You Need to Know about Live Casino Games in One Place

The advantage of the direct casino

The unconditional advantage of the direct casino is that the croupier can communicate directly with the players using his voice. Players also have the option of contacting the dealer to clarify certain nuances. This creates the special atmosphere of a land-based casino. this way of playing online is adored by many experienced gamers.

Over the years, major technological developments have involved the emergence of online casinos. In the early 90s, casinos began to broadcast their services on the internet, a revolutionary event in the world of online gambling. Their advent has allowed many companies creating operating software to develop a wide range of casino games (slot machines, roulette, baccarat, etc.). Global giants such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech have taken the initiative to design games that are both aesthetic and user-friendly.

The games of breathtaking graphic sophistication have had the effect of driving the internet traffic of the online casinos that have made them available to their players over the past few years. Nowadays, online casinos have introduced live dealers to improve the appeal of their respective sites and amplify the gaming experience for online players. Live casinos are also favored by skeptics who prefer the intervention of a real croupier rather than that of automated computer software. This is one of the reasons why a growing number of players are falling back on the convenience of a live casino.

The limits of the live casino

Well, yes, live casino games can have some downsides. These aren't really downsides, but things that can make you prefer regular online casinos. First thing: the need to have a good internet connection. It is mandatory to play online casino 711 Kelab at a live casino, which requires data and fluidity because the live is broadcast in streaming. Most of the time, you will be able to find the performance requirements somewhere.

Second, you will always find less live gambling than traditional casino games, for the simple reason that the presence of a real dealer incurs costs. You will therefore have a more limited choice in terms of moods and themes. So you will most often find the most popular variations of roulette or blackjack. There are therefore not as many games available as in a real casino where you can move around and face different croupiers. And these dealer fees also affect the price of minimum wagers, which are mostly higher than in classic online casino games.

The other way to get weekly online casino bonuses

by Daniel Greene

Weekly bonuses from online casinos are an important aspect of online gambling today. The reality of the Internet is that each casino is as close to you as the next. If you don't like one, you can move on to the next one, like this.

As an operator of an online casino, this poses the problem of player retention month after month. The solution that most of the best online casinos have come up with is to give out regular weekly bonuses.

It makes sense to the industry: a regular player is an online casino's greatest asset. Why not reward them for their continued support? As a player, it is all the more interesting to attend a casino that you like to play and which treats you well.

A slightly different way of winning things regularly is through the daily tournaments. Instead of offering free spins or additional payout percentages, some casinos favor the organization of daily tournaments that will give many players the opportunity to potentially win significant sums. Reporting wins and prizes this way appeals to many online players, and competition adds spice to the gaming experience.

Why are weekly online casino bonuses better than daily and monthly bonuses?

Receiving daily prizes can be very interesting from several points of view. Getting bonuses every day, who doesn't love that? But be aware that at some online casinos, daily bonuses are replaced by weekly bonuses. You receive bonuses less frequently, but the bonuses you receive per week are often larger than the daily bonuses.

You can find online casinos that offer bonuses at specific times of the week. For example, there are casinos that offer bonuses during the middle of the week and then at the time of the weekend. These bonuses are specially designed to give you a boost in the middle of the week and especially to allow you to end the week on a high note!

 On the other hand, the monthly bonuses have only one problem: the duration. In the time of online casino players, 1 month is a very long time. Online casinos offering monthly bonuses must combine weekly or daily bonuses with them. Because of this, we believe that after the welcome bonus, the weekly online casino bonuses are the best bonuses.